Chuck and his team worked hard to prepare me for my HUD inspection and keep me compliant. They worked hand in hand with my mortgage company to make sure that our loans were well documented and we passed with flying colors. This should not be a surprise since Chuck has been an industry expert for so long. In this environment of heavy regulation, I would highly recommend Quest and Chuck Sewright. –Rob Clare, Senior Vice President at Banc Of Manhattan/Capital

Guild Mortgage Company originally selected Quest Advisors because they caught more QC errors in our test files than any of the other vendors we sampled.  That attention to detail has remained a strong point over the years, which is important, but what we didn’t expect was to get a CEO who is happy to personally respond to all of our questions. When Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative was being rolled out, Quest contacted us months ahead of the implementation date in order to ensure we were prepared and in agreement as to the compliance requirements.  Quest has always stayed on top of the changing regulatory requirements as well, which is important in today’s environment of QC scrutiny. Even with the significant growth in Guild's origination volume, nearly quadruple what it was when we began working with Quest, they have provided a consistent level of service and have continued to meet our changing needs.–Lisa Klika, SVP, Compliance & Quality Assurance - Guild Mortgage Company

I have used the services of Chuck and Quest Advisors in a few lending operations previously when working in a lending environment to meet Quality Control requirements for the GSE's, investors and state regulators. I have always found the services timely, accurate, customizable, and a good value for the price. Chuck is extremely knowledgeable and very personable. More than just as a service provider, I consider Chuck a colleague and a source of knowledge as well. I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Quest Advisors and Chuck personally and have done so many times.–Richard Triplett, CMB, VP, Director of Compliance at AllRegs