The protection and security of our clients and their customer’s private and confidential information is critically important to us. Quest Advisors, Inc. is committed to protecting and safeguarding all personal, private, and confidential information in our possession pertaining to our clients and their customers that is required in the performance of our contracted services.

To ensure compliance with this commitment we follow a Privacy Policy that requires that computer systems we use to transmit or store electronic personal, private, and confidential data be secured with industry-strength encryption, in addition to requiring that such information retained by us that is in paper media be kept in securely locked storage when not being worked with. In addition, computer service providers utilized by Quest Advisors to store or transmit electronic personal, private, and confidential data are required to have SSAE 16 SOC audit plans in place and to be protected with secure encryption and computer security software. These and other steps are taken by us to reinforce our commitment to protecting the privacy of individuals and companies with whom we do business.

If you have further questions concerning Quest Advisor’s Privacy Policy and our protection of private and confidential information in our possession, please contact Stephen L Mollot, SVP & CIO at

Effective Date: 1/1/2023