With Quest Advisors, you benefit from our comprehensive and extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. We are not only adept at navigating the regulatory side of the business, but we also work diligently to keep apprised of technological advances which help clients implement solutions that work based on their needs.

The Quest Advisors team will help you develop processes and tactics that will keep you on the leading edge. From thorough assessments of your current production operations to the development of new processes aimed at avoiding costly quality and regulatory pitfalls, Quest Advisors will help you improve operational stability while your energy is free to pursue innovative business strategies that grow your business.

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Advisory and Audits

    The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network or (FinCEN) now applies the BSA-AML and SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) reporting requirements to independent mortgage lenders and servicers, in addition to traditional regulated depository institutions.

    Quest Advisors’ advisory and consulting expertise, conducting reviews of the client’s operational processes, procedures, and controls, determines gaps that need correction or improvement to comply with these requirements. Subsequently, Quest Advisors can help develop required procedures and recommend opportunities for improvement.

    Performing periodic audits to test the client’s compliance with the established procedures in advance of the required annual audit allows for changes, which could eliminate costly fines and disruptions in operations.

  • Operational Reviews

    Quest Advisors’ experienced consultants can conduct in-depth reviews of your lending and/or loan servicing procedures and operations to determine if gaps exist that provide the opportunity for improvement. Such operational reviews include a thorough review of the organizational structure, procedures, actual processes practiced, and loan files compliance with investor and regulatory requirements. Such a review identifies potential shortfalls and gaps in the operation that are opportunities for improved quality and efficiency.