Through our various audit offerings, Quest Advisors strives to keep you in good standing with investors and regulators, so you can concentrate on your organization’s lending goals.

  • Branch Audits

    Quest Advisors provides annual on-site reviews as required by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA. The Quest Advisors audit includes reviewing the branch procedures, staff experience levels, signage, overall office organization, security of private data, and the completeness off the loan origination process. Clients are expected to comply with investor/HUD guidelines. Part of the Quest Advisors review includes following both an in-process and denied or withdrawn loan sample through each process of the loan’s progression. In addition to providing management with an evaluation of how the branch is complying with required investor and regulatory requirements, this exercise serves as a learning opportunity and often results in a streamlining of the loan process.

  • Servicing Audits

    Servicing or loan administration quality control audits satisfy FHA, HUD, Ginnie Mae and Fannie/Freddie Mac requirements and can be scheduled monthly or quarterly depending upon need. These audits review the following, but are not limited to:

    • Servicing procedures
    • Operations
    • Collections
    • Loss mitigation
    • Cash processing
    • Escrow handling/escrow analysis, tax and insurance payments
    • Loan file security areas