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Quest Advisors Rebrand

Quest Advisors Rebrands to Highlight Niche Expertise
in Mortgage Industry

The company embarks on a rebranding campaign that directly correlates to the addition of leadership and expertise in compliance.

December 9, 2013- Raleigh, NC – Quest Advisors, a residential mortgage quality assurance company, has launched a rebranding campaign to more adeptly represent the company’s status as experts within the industry.

Quest Advisors, founded in 1995, provides consulting services including residential mortgage audits, compliance and quality control guidance to authorized mortgage lenders across the country. Their services help clients avoid pitfalls and problems caused by regulatory non-compliance as well as from potential fraudulent activity, allowing lending institutions to concentrate on their goals and profitability.

“Our timing is somewhat serendipitous,” said Charles Sewright, President and CEO of Quest Advisors, referring to new lending regulations set to begin in January of next year.

In January 2014, new regulatory rules resulting from the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act go into effect. In addition to changes in existing consumer-related regulatory requirements, new requirements such as the Ability to Repay or ATR and the Qualified Mortgage or QM are being implemented, and its effects are already being felt in the lending industry as compliance departments are scrambling to understand and implement processes to reduce risk and negative impacts.

Sewright and his team realized that in order to “step it up” to better compete nationally they needed a stronger online presence that more closely matched the company’s expertise in all aspects of the residential mortgage industry, especially when it comes to compliance.

“We needed to compete more formidably on a national level, and the rebranding highlights our niche status as mortgage quality assurance and regulatory compliance experts,” said Sewright.

The rebranding included the development of a comprehensive marketing strategy, including logo design, an identity package and ultimately, a new website ( The identity package included the design of promotional materials, print advertising and the development of a tradeshow exhibit.

“Our brand now helps us tell our story,” said Sewright. “Our commitment, since starting Quest Advisors in 1995, to understanding the industry and providing clients improvements and solutions is stronger than ever.  Now, our brand, our materials and our strategy all support that commitment,” he said.
About Quest Advisors
Quest Advisors is an outsourcing and consulting mortgage quality assurance company engaged or contracted by lenders to conduct quality assurance file review services concerning residential mortgage loans. In support of the lender, Quest Advisors provides loan quality control audits required by HUD, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, other investors and government regulatory agencies. Quest Advisors also provides advisory services with solutions that aid clients’ overall goals of profitability and success.

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